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[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-20.0.1:c0ed745959699f50acfb2c1ed1310e3c13d54d22)

NMS-9427: Fixed NPE in Vaadin dashboard (#1557)

  • NMS-9427: Fixed NPE in Vaadin dashboard

  • NMS-9427: Added test case for null value

NMS-8759: Added category search provider support to Atlas topology provider (#1540)

  • with smoke-test

  • corrected
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[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-20.0.1:d4fd131a655c263a1ef232b91be3e4d776859059)

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2017:b2e2e8c412e56d8bdc782fd07d4a4f5d0754f7f9)

Merge pull request #1560 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9455

NMS-9455: BridgeTopology Discovery Mismatch after opennms restart

Removed forgotten debug print out

NMS-9455: BridgeTopology Discovery Mismatch after opennms restart

The forwarders mac address are persisted into bridgemaclink table

The topology is loaded at startup properly adding shared segments and forwarders too.

The loadTopology test has been improved for new initialization

A new BroadcastDomainTest has been created

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-20.0.1:eef7cb5ff89682e932233f1fc3246c8646540f56)

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-20.0.1:3a25a650e72bc709e53b4ac177b28fcdec332544)

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2017:e834d05b6a0bbc72eb7390ab109de06573f3803e)

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2017:ed45ff55df27d36133ce57e9afddd39cfe605390)

Merge pull request #1558 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9456

NMS-9456: Fixed missing jar in shell scripts

NMS-9456: Fixed missing jar in shell scripts

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-20.0.1' into develop

Merge pull request #1553 from OpenNMS/jira/HZN-1095

HZN-1095: Switch from using the maven-jaxb2-plugin to the cxf-xjc-plugin

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2017:95520af48a1c1c01906b42e654c5dd90809fcc1b)

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2016:d8a9e04273a89b24c3f1250602458b51b8dec326)

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation:9c5de2d9dd4404a8f9c58c94dc1b21c7927483a3)

Merge pull request #1521 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9335

NMS-9335: LoadingTopology from db result in NPE

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2017:ff6d096498f92b3e3a583fa0b794924c4c366ef1)

Merge pull request #1539 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9421

NMS-9421: Escape favorite tooltip correctly

Fixed forgotten create time for maclink

Merge pull request #1554 from OpenNMS/jira/HZN-1082

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/foundation-2017' into release-20.0.1

NMS-9335: NPE in bridge topology

Fixed the NodeDiscovery to properly

save topology and forwarders

Moved Methids from SharedSegment to BridgePort

Improved the inned class follow logic

Changed the way in which the macs and ports are assigned

to segment

Added more test

Merge pull request #1551 from OpenNMS/feature-camel-2.19

HZN-1094: Upgrade to Camel 2.19.1

Merge pull request #1552 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9415

NMS-9415: Check if ipAddressIfIndex contains any data

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2016:f374377d70f0cec7d0b1d997bf349b868630e76a)

NMS-9335: NPE in bridge topology

Added a methid to clean forwarders.

No forwardes allowed if mac is assigned on topology

Forwarders only must be defined for loose macs on domain