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[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from master:dead11ea23c6617d07d16ff8a3024415cdda2a98)

add provides to make opennms-minion packages happy

    • binary
    • binary

Add method to build urls for opennms context

Close the datachoice-dialog when visible

find index-contentmiddle instead of index-contentleft

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from master:c966fc26302e1d36a0381c894b93ffa9586d8e6d)

update debian-shunt package

    • binary
    • binary

Merge pull request #2 from OpenNMS/feature/logout-login

Provide login and logout functionality for tests.

Provide Login and Logout functionality for tests

Make it compile against the latest system-test-api version

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from master:fd1395af2b7b4d83f4bc3d55ca5f607a7ea4b0b3)

make this quiet

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from master:17196c32f8616515d2ecde38ea63c54b7b600b10)

add accessor for getVaadinPopup

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2

rename to avoid conflicts with old tests that have their own version

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2

lots of additions to support BSMAdminIT cleanups

Make chrome binary configurable

Merge branch '2' of into 2

Add the ability to send PUT requests with form-urlencoded.

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from master:e9bc4803fbcde236500c4fee1f01231ef9054a81)

bump shunt RPM JICMP provides

    • binary
    • binary

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from master:3a0317ba590f702bb04012235472ae132b0caeaa)

bump to selenium 2.53.1

Bump Selenium Version to 2.53.1

fix snapshot repository URL

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from master:6a214561054b74466101cdab2119d1ef27800bdb)

add new openlayers options for pre-docker tests

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from master:bfa23ad548b0c75cb18445d3a6b255f5993f186c)