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Merge pull request #1460 from mfuhrmann/jira/HZN-132

HZN-132: JmxMonitor documentation

HZN-132: Include the JMX Monitor in index.adoc

HZN-132: Minor consistency fixes

NMS-9338: Remove invalid long/lat values

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Fix license header issue

Merge branch 'jira/HZN-994' into develop

NMS-9342: Make geomap a requirejs module to avoid requirejs conflicts

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NMS-9328: Fix failing test

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2017:e65e5ef618bd7f10e1152ab305ab2cead5d5100c)

NMS-9328: Make donut charts resizeable based on space available

NMS-9328: By default only include 3 charts and make it configurable

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Relocate Capsd JDBC classes alongside test code that uses them.

HZN-1057: Add a new rpc:stress command to the Karaf shell that can be used to invoke the EchoRpcModule with an arbitrary number of requests.

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NMS-9325: removing an accidentally added file.

Merge pull request #1476 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-5646-hostsw

NMS-9325: Fixing end date.

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HZN-1033: Remove legacy ForeignSourceService

HZN-1033: Allow ordering of policies/detectors

19.1.1 branch prepped from last master release. 19.1.0 -> 19.1.1

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initialize a valid http collection test object

allow 0 "uri" entries (essentially null config)

Fixed API change in SyslogKafkaElasticsearchBufferingTest.

initialize a valid test object

allow 0 "wpm" entries (essentially null config)

NMS-9333: Avoid cleaning the remote-poller project so that 'mvn install clean' works properly.

useEsRest went away in the abstract method

NMS-9332: Added post-integration-test cleanup to container/standalone.

NMS-9278: removing distinct from Notifications (not needed).

Fix for Bug NMS-9325

Calculation of KSC reports timespans "Last Week" and "This Week" broken

NMS-8305: Updated Minion repo builds to use karaf-maven-plugin. Added plugin calls to unpack the Minion repos inside opennms-full-assembly so that integration tests can use them to test feature installations.

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