HZN-1112: Make ifttt module a feature and include it in system repository generation

NMS-8431: Use absolut instead of relative references to make them work no-matter what the path is

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2017:5b5bd889ef12f0b48c1ddf71e041f72eaee1e84a)

fix compilation

Avoid unnecessary calculations.

root bridge cannot be null

not &&

Stop is always false.

Simplify locking by using synchronized.

Use constants for the domain match criteria.

[bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2016:f0db6a643b7f6074b1e6b9193f3c39bdc594ff0f)

Log a warning if persisting the bridge topology forwarders fails.

fix(rancid): avoid exception in output.log if RANCID is not configured

NMS-9505: enlinkd blocks opennms startup

Fixed a forgot condition to merge

other nodes into the domain set when

the designated has an entry

Merge branch 'develop' into jira/HZN-1112

Fixed NPE in Enlinkd Bridge discovery

updateing features generation

updateing features generation

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HZN-1112: Markus said I have to use Objects.equals()

Fixed concurred and npe in enlinkd

Some refactoring no relevant changes

Another fix for ConcurrentException

Let getall be synchronized

Removed unusuful logs from getPersisted

Fixed concurrent exception for domains

Fixed a NPE in BridgeTopologyDiscovery

Merge branch 'jira/NMS-9080' of https://github.com/roskens/opennms into pr/jira/NMS-9080

Fixed a Null Pointer Exception in BroadcastDomain

HZN-1112: Markus said I have to change these things

docker msql data added

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Fixed a NPE in SharedSegment